New Pluralsight Course: Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect - Implement a Workload Management Strategy

I’m really happy to anounce that another course I’ve created for Pluralsight has gone live in their library today. This one has a wordy title, being Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect: Implement a Workload Management Strategy, and this is a part of the Azure AZ 303 Solutions Architect focused exam path.

This year Pluralsight have been putting a very specific focus on creating Microsoft Azure content spificially targetted at helping learners learn exam objectives and pass the exam to achieve a certification, rather than going deep in to skill building of all of the solutions that are covered in an exam. These are being called “certification prep paths”. What this means is that each of the courses in the learning path for Microsoft Azure exams are hyper focused on the specific objectivies for that section of the exam being covered, so while you won’t necessarily get a deep dive of the product or technology in question, you will get the coverage you need if you have the certification in mind.

I know personally when I have used Pluralsight material in the past for study, it can be daunting to open a learning path and see “60 hours” of content staring you down, and while they did have material to build skills, they typically went much deeper than needed for the certification. I think learners, like me, will welcome the new focused paths in addition to still having the option for deeper skill building courses, if desired.

You can find the course at the link above in the first paragraph, and when it becomes available I will link to the learning path page for the AZ 303 certification in this post as well.

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