NSX-V Controller Deployment Stuck at GRUB Boot Loader

Recently I was playing around with NSX-V in the lab and getting myself more familiar with the automation options available. During the deployment of one of my environments, I couldn’t get the NSX Controllers to come up without failing. NSX Manager would deploy the controller VM, but it sat in a “deploying” state for around 45 minutes and then failed with a message “no route to host”. I checked out the console of one of the controllers directly after deployment and as soon as it booted up it went to the following GRUB boot loader screen:

NSX Controller Deployment Failed: Waiting for VC Lease

I was recently rolling out the base install of VMware NSX in my lab, where I ran in to a controller deployment issue. The lab is running NestedESXi, and I have two ‘sites’ that are nested, each with 3 ESXi hosts in a vSAN cluster. vCenter, PSC and NSX Manager / controllers are then deployed on to the nested ESXi hosts, so the storage is on the nested vSAN datastores.