vSphere Host Profile - Could not select an iSCSI HBA for the profile instance

Ahh, vSphere Host Profiles. My old friend. One of our customers recently had a hardware failure on one of their Dell M620 blade servers, and the server was repaired under warranty which included a motherboard swap. The server got inserted into the chassis and booted back up OK. The server was part of a 12 node cluster, so the customer tried applying the host profile, which would fail when it hit 22%.

Windows Server 2012 R2 as iSCSI Target - Network Binding

I’m still getting my lab configuredĀ andĀ I am planning on using Windows Server 2012 R2 as an iSCSI target (as well as an NFS server). The server in my environment is called Storage01. I’ve added 2 NICs to the machine, and was trying to figure out where to set the network binding for the iSCSI traffic. It wasn’t where I expected, and I couldn’t find much online, so I thought I’d write a quick note on it.

PowerCLI Script- Configure ESXi Host for Connectivity to Nimble iSCSI SAN

So last week I noticed that a user by the name of Dean had opened a thread on the Nimble Connect forums with some handy PowerCLI to configure an ESXi host to connect to Nimble Storage arrays. I had done the same thing near the end of 2015 when we installed 6 Nimble Storage arrays in our environment, and I was meant to get around to putting it all together in a powershell function/script.