VMware Skyline

One of the quieter announcements from VMworld US 2017 was that of VMware Skyline. No, not the Nissan sports car! As a VMware customer, VMware Skyline is a platform that provides VMware visibility in to your environment with the aim of providing proactive and predictive recommendations, based on the configuration in your environment, cross referenced with VMware guidance, KB articles and lessons learned from other customers' environments. In the event that you log a case with VMware, Skyline also provides the Global Support Services (GSS) team access to information about your environment, without needing to spend hours gathering logs, configurations or sitting on a Webex with an Engineer while they get familiar with your environment and specific configurations.

vCenter Support Assistant 6.5 Deployment

Introduction The VMware vCenter Support Assistant is a free plugin made available by VMware in the form of a virtual appliance. After deploying the appliance, it can be registered to vSphere SSO and you can authorise one or more vCenter Servers to Support Assistant. Support Assistant provides the following benefits: Reactive support. You can use the Support Assistant plugin in the vSphere Web Client to easily create new service requests (SRs), as it is essentially a front end to the MyVMware portal.