vSphere 6.5 Topology and Upgrade Planning Tool

Overnight VMware announced a new technical resource for vSphere administrators called vSphere Central. Check out the blog post here. In conjuntion with the above, Adam Eckerle released a blog post to announce the availability of a new tool named vSphere 6.5 Topology and Upgrade Planning Tool. The blog post can be found here. I don’t want to repeat much of the post here, but in short to quote Adam; “This tool aims to help customers plan and execute both upgrades to vSphere 6.

Quick Tip - VM Autostart Issue in ESXi 6.5 Host Client

I’ve just been working through automating the powering on and off of my lab server, which is a single physical server running ESXi 6.5, and nested virtual machines for my lab. I wanted to use the ESXi Autostart feature to start my domain controller and jump box at power on. But I had an issue where one of the two VMs I want to power on would simply not start.

PowerCLI Script to Power On or Off vSphere Lab

I was recently chatting to a few guys regarding powering on and off VMs within a vSphere lab and using a script to do so in some sort of controlled manner (or force power off everything if desired). A few of us had a quick search, and couldn’t see anything that met the requirements of being able to power on and power off the lab, as well as place VMs into some sort of priority group.

vSphere Host Profile - Could not select an iSCSI HBA for the profile instance

Ahh, vSphere Host Profiles. My old friend. One of our customers recently had a hardware failure on one of their Dell M620 blade servers, and the server was repaired under warranty which included a motherboard swap. The server got inserted into the chassis and booted back up OK. The server was part of a 12 node cluster, so the customer tried applying the host profile, which would fail when it hit 22%.

Melbourne VMUG UserCon 2017

Back in March, I attended the Melbourne VMUG UserCon. This is the first UserCon I attended, and damn was I impressed! From what I’ve heard via peers, VMUG hasn’t been having the best run lately, world wide. Needless to say, the team behind both the Sydney and the Melbourne events did a fantastic job. This year consisted of a rockstar lineup of speakers not only from VMware, but also from partners and affiliates who presented fantastic breakout sessions during the day.

Runecast Analyser Review and Walkthrough

Runecast Analyser was founded in 2014 and at a high level, is a product to provide proactive analysis for VMware environment. I’ve only recently been introduced to Runecast and I’ve had the chance to download and use it in my lab environment. I was lucky enough to meet Ched and Stanimir recently at the Melbourne VMUG. I thought I would take the opportunity to record a walkthrough of the product for those that may be interested to see what Runecast Analyser is all about.

Additions To vGhetto Automated vSphere Lab Deployment

So last week I received a new lab server that is going to be housed at home. It is a Dell T430 with 128GB ram, which is exactly what I was after as I want to get right back into the lab work, but I didn’t want a heap of gear and network requirements. NestedESXi has worked reasonably well in the past few vSphere releases and there’s not much that can’t be simulated within a nested environment for the purposes of learning or testing.

ESXi - Agent can't send heartbeats: No buffer space available

Quick post. The other day I saw an alert on an ESXi 6.0 host as follows: Agent can’t send heartbeats: No buffer space available The host was responsive and connected to vCenter Server, and the VMs were running OK on the host. I checked the vmkernel / hostd / vpxa logs, and the only mention of this was a one liner in the vmkernel log which repeated the error message above.

VMware Fling: vSphere Compatibility Predictor

[toc] Introduction If you work in the VMware suite of products and haven’t heard of or checked out the VMware Flings website, head on over and check it out! As the website says; “Flings are apps and tools built by our engineers that are intended to be played with and explored.” A lot of products and features that make it into the product start out as being VMware flings. Some recent ones that come to mind are the vCenter Migration Tool (migrate Windows vCenter to the Appliance), HTML5 Web Client, ESXi Embedded Host client … you get the drift.

Achievement Unlocked: VMware vExpert 2017

Early this morning VMware released the results for the VMware vExpert 2017 programme. Before even seeing the post, I woke up to a couple of slack messages with congrats (I’m currently on holiday and also on the Gold Coast, 1 hour behind my normal time zone!). I checked out the official post (link below) and sure enough my name is listed there, along with 1400 odd other people! From what I’ve seen there were around 100 new members in 2017.