vCenter 6.7 Embedded Linked Mode

[toc] Introduction Starting from VMworld US 2017, VMware announced their plans to support PSC replication and Enhanced Linked Mode with the vCenter Embedded deployment model, simplifying overall deployment and management requirements for a multi-vCenter environment. This feature is now included in the release of vSphere 6.7. In this post, I go over a little history for common deployment models, as well as what the new “vCenter Embedded Linked Mode” brings to the table.

vCenter 6.7 Cross SSO Domain Repointing

It’s back, finally! A new feature with vCenter 6.7 is the ability to repoint a vCenter Server to another Platform Services Controller node, that resides in an entirely different vSphere SSO domain. This functionality is huge for domain consolidation, and also domain splitting (which admittedly is a less required use case from what I’ve seen, but something that still can be a useful use case). Edit: As per a comment from Rupak, I believe this feature is only available on the vCenter Server Appliance and is not available for the Windows deployment of vCenter 6.

2018 Sydney and Melbourne VMUG UserCon

Well, it’s that time of the year again. The VMware User Group (VMUG) UserCon’s are on again this week in Sydney (Tuesday 20th March) and Melbourne (Thursday 22nd March), Australia. VMUG UserCon is a free day long event filled with a few keynotes, breakout sessions, networking and checking out the exhibit hall. I’ve personally only attended one UserCon, which I wrote about here, but I was really impressed at the organisation and presence from VMware, sponsors and community members.

VMware vExpert 2018

On Friday the 9th of March (morning of Saturday the 10th in Australia), VMware announced the results of the vExpert 2018 award, which is given to those who have performed various VMware advocacy related activities in the 2017 calendar year. I’m happy to say that VMware has deemed me worthy to be a vExpert again, which will mean this is my second year in the program. It’s a great program to be a part of with several perks, one of the most valuable (yet sometimes time consuming!

VMware Site Recovery Manager: VM Protection - Network Not Configured

So that title is a mouthful, but I came across an issue for a customer today where network mappings within SRM were not functioning correctly when attempting to configure protection for virtual machines. To cover this off quickly, the environment is running vSphere 6.0U3 and SRM 6.1.2. The scenario was that we’d previously (a few months ago) configured all of the mappings in SRM (Network, resource, folder, etc). We then created a new protection group, and created a recovery plan for this particular protection group.

One of Those End of Year Posts - 2017 Edition

Yep, it’s that time of year where it seems sensible to reflect on what’s happened, and maybe set some goals for the year to come. With that said, don’t forget to keep reflecting during the year, and ground yourself to see where you are at, what you want to work on and readjust yourself if you aren’t going in the direction you hoped for. Or maybe a change in direction wasn’t what you planned, but is naturally the course you have taken due to a series of events.

NSX Controller Deployment Failed: Waiting for VC Lease

I was recently rolling out the base install of VMware NSX in my lab, where I ran in to a controller deployment issue. The lab is running NestedESXi, and I have two ‘sites’ that are nested, each with 3 ESXi hosts in a vSAN cluster. vCenter, PSC and NSX Manager / controllers are then deployed on to the nested ESXi hosts, so the storage is on the nested vSAN datastores.

VCSA CLI Deployment: Format Requires a Mapping

I’ve recently been doing a lot of work in my home lab, which has involved me moving from a flat /24 network (yeah, I know) to a somewhat more realistic lab environment with a Cisco SG300 switch and Ubiquiti EdgeRouterx. Due to these networking changes, as I build out the environment I’ve been creating a lot of VLANs and subnets between my physical ESXi host, the Cisco switch and the ERx.

Emulex Drivers Causing issues with ESXi RamDisk and Scratch Config

I’m a bit late to the blogosphere with with one, but we’ve had a couple of customers hit the issue described below, and it seems to be mostly across HPE and Dell hosts running ESXi 6.x. I’ll get to the good stuff first. If you’re hitting an issue on ESXi 6.x where the RamDisk is filling up and¬†ScratchConfig.CurrentScratchLocation is reverting to /scratch, even with a location configured, it’s likely due to a known issue with an Emulex Driver.

vRealize Operations Service Discovery Management Pack

For those that weren’t aware, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator went End of Distribution (EOD) and End of Support Life (EOSL) at the end of September, 2017. Information on this is provided in another post. If you are not aware of what vRealize Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) was, it was a tool that was part of VMware’s vCloud Suite that discovered application dependencies and mapped network flow within a vSphere environment. VIN was deployed as a virtual appliance and then registered with vCenter Server.