Cohesity 6.2 - Office365 Exchange Online Protection

Introduction With the release of Cohesity version 6.2, there is support to protect Exchange Online Office365 mailboxes natively within the product. Protecting data in a SaaS platform is always an interesting discussion. At the end of the day, there is a shared responsibility model at play here, and as the customer and/or consumer, there are still some very valid reasons you’d want to ensure you are protecting business critical data such as exchange online mailboxes.

Exchange 2013 Hybrid Mail 'Pending' - RootCAType Certificate Issues

I manage an Exchange 2013 deployment at work which is configured in Hybrid with Office365. Recently we had to change our SSL certificate that was being used for both TLS for the hybrid connection and also for our client facing DNS names. Due to changes with our 3rd party SSL certificate provider, this was a new SSL certificate installation rather than a renewal. I generated the certificate and installed it onto all of the Exchange servers on-premises and during our change window, made the changes to bind the services to the new certificate and then ran the Hybrid connection wizard to update the certificate used in our On-Prem send connector to Office365 and also to the receive connector in our Office365 tenant.